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Legal support of the activities of crypto exchanges: information security

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On November 26, SBH Law Offices lawyer Vitaly Tvardovsky spoke at the IT-security conference 2020 with a report on the topic of information security of crypto exchanges.

Questions highlighted by Vitaly:

  • HTP requirements for crypto exchanges to ensure information security.
  • What should the LNPA regulating information security issues include?
  • Specific measures to protect information.
  • Working with personal data.
  • Legal registration of information security system monitoring issues.
  • Rules for organizing training of crypto exchange employees on information security issues.
  • Important points:

1 Information security should be provided both from the legal side (fixing the rules in the LNPA) and from the technical side (implementation of such rules).

2 Information protection measures that can be described in the LNPA:

  • rules for handling personal data of clients;
  • application of means of technical and (or) cryptographic protection of information;
  • restriction of the circle of persons who have the right to enter (access) the information system.
  • the use of multi-factor authentication when logging in (accessing) an information system.

3 Each employee involved should clearly know their rights and responsibilities within the framework of information security.

4 The availability of an information security system for understanding is one of the key factors for maintaining such a system in operation.


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