Supporting Adventures Lab during investment rounds in Salo, OneNotary, Narrative BI, Ducky

SBH congratulates our Client Adventures Lab with a productive year of 2021 and expresses appreciation for the productive cooperation.

The past year has been marked for Adventures Lab by a number of investment transactions with startups:

  • Salo (USA). The startup is developing an application for simultaneous video recording and screen demonstration in real time. Using the application, the user can record himself and the smartphone screen at the same time and send a single video to a social network or messenger. The size of the round - $500,000;
  • OneNotary (USA). The startup is developing a platform for providing notary services in an online format that can be used by individuals and companies. The platform helps to request the appropriate services from one of the notaries connected to the platform. The size of the round - $1,750,000;
  • Narrative BI (USA). The startup develops solutions for transforming raw data into understandable advanced analytics for tracking key business indicators. The size of the round - $1,200,000;
  • Ducky (Cyprus). The startup develops solutions in the field of ecology that can be used by citizens, companies, educational institutions to track carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere and reduce them. The size of the round - $1,000,000.

SBH Law Offices has acted as a legal consultant on the Adventures Lab’s side during the funding rounds. SBH Law Offices conducted a legal audit of startups (LDD) on corporate structure and intellectual property, developed  transactions’ structure in accordance with foreign legislation and drafted legal documents for the round.

Team: attorneys Vitaly Tvardovskiy and Veronika Sokolovskaya, associates Ekaterina Logvinovich and Alexandra Undrul.

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