“Taxes for IT companies: what is needed to be taken into account at each stage of the project life cycle?” - partner Anastasiya Malakhova and counsel Natalya Zvorono spoke at the HTP

On Monday, January 21, 2019, Anastasiya Malakhova, Head of Commercial Practice, Partner at SBH Law Offices, and Tax Practice Head, Counselor at SBH Law Offices Natalya Zvorono, spoke on the topic “Taxes for an IT company: what should be taken into account every phase of the project life cycle? ”

The venue was barely able to accommodate everyone – the event was attended by about 200 people.

Natalya said what is presupposed under taxpayer status for HTP residents, what information should be communicated to the tax authorities, what tax privileges exist, and what administrative, criminal and tax risks when working with foreign companies should be taken into account.

The speakers explained the duties and privileges of IT companies that are exporters and importers of works and services. They touched upon new provisions and approaches of the recently enacted Tax Code. Explained the features of taxation in various types of labor relations. Warned about the tax consequences of various ways of selling a business.

Anastasiya considered options for structuring companies, including foreign ones, spoke about offshores and onshores, brought pros and cons of jurisdictions in different countries in comparison with Belarus, warned about pitfalls when registering a business abroad.

The audience was especially interested in the examples given, the participants asked many questions and expressed hope for the continuation of such meetings with the lawyers of SBH Law Offices.

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