Counsel Natalya Zvorono spoke at the seminar "New rules of the game or what has changed in the Tax Code"

On January 17, 2019, with the partner support of SBH Law Offices in Minsk, seminar “New rules of the game or what changed in the Tax Code” was held, organized by the Center for Accounting Services “Business Start”.

Natalya Zvorono, Head of Tax Practice, Counsel to SBH Law Offices, spoke on the principle of good faith of the payer and the reincarnation of Decree No. 488 in the Tax Code, as well as other interesting changes in the Tax Code.

In their presentations, the experts told:

  • All about transfer pricing in 2019.
  • What improves the Tax Code of 2019.
  • On tax schemes, the cost of risk for the director and owners and measures to prevent these risks.
  • How to structure your business wisely through foreign companies.

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