Restructuring of startup Gamepadbot

SBH team provided legal support to restructure startup Gamepadbot for renewal of the agreements with venture capital and angel investors and issue shares of stock for the investors in a holding company registered in the state of Delaware.

The restructuring was arranged in several stages, including the conversion of loans into shares in the authorized capital, the issuance of new shares to investors. The restructuring was carried out in parallel with raising additional angel investments and drafting the respective legal documents, which required considering the interests of earlier investors while simultaneously complying with all the conditions of the new investment agreements. Additional investments were attracted both directly into capital and using convertible instruments.

Gamepadbot is a gaming platform for the Telegram messenger, which allows users to launch games via a bot without leaving the messenger interface. Previously, the launch of games in the messenger was only available with the user's access to third-party platforms. The Gamepadbot solution allows you to launch the game without installing additional software or registering.

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