ICO of MANO tokens

A large team, consisting of attorneys and lawyers from SBH Law Offices , ASER investment consultants and specialists from the Free2Ex  crypto-exchange operator, worked on the project. The customer of the project was REIT Industrial LLC. 
This is the first project in the CIS for the initial placement of REIT tokens. 
In their economic essence, MANO tokens are a tokenized analogue of REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) shares or shares of a real estate investment fund, which allow you to invest money in real estate without buying or managing the objects themselves.
The company directs the funds raised through ICO to the construction of real estate in and its long-term lease and subsequent sale at a price that maximizes the profitability of investors.
Information regarding the profitability of the token and other parameters can be found in the “White paper” declaration and the Investment Memorandum, which are published on the website https://reit.by/ . 
The project was implemented in accordance with the Decree "On the Digital Economy" dated December 21, 2017 No. 8, as well as the rules for the provision of services related to the creation and placement of digital signs (tokens), and the implementation of operations to create and place your own digital signs (tokens) approved by the decision of the Supervisory Board of the Hi-Tech Park. 
SBH Law Offices  lawyers and attorneys from the Minsk regional bar association developed the corporate and contractual model of the project based on tokenomics , and also prepared draft documents required by law for conducting an ICO, conducted a goodwill check for the ICO customer. 

The project team


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