Intellectual property agreements

Drafting of licence agreements, agreements for creation of software products, assignment agreements

Our lawyers provide legal assistance in the following areas

  • Finding the best way to formalize legal relations on creation and transfer of intellectual property rights - software, computer games, application, web site, trademarks, patents, audiovisual productions, know-how and so on;
  • Drafting licence agreements, agreements for assignment of exclusive rights, agreements for creation and use of intellectual property objects, franchising agreements, agreements for publishing of computer games and other agreements in the field of intellectual property, and support at their conclusion;
  • Representing a client and participating in negotiations with the client's counterparty in order to negotiate and sign intellectual property agreements; 
  • Supporting the registration of contracts with the patent authorities, where such registration is required by law;
  • Preparation of draft documents recording the creation of works of service (policy on the creation and design of works of service, draft terms of reference and reports, etc.);
  • Drafting of confidentiality agreements, non-solicitation and non-competition agreements to enforce the terms of the intellectual property contract;
  • Advising on legal issues relating to the development of software and granting of rights to use it, drafting deal structures;
  • Advising and assisting in drafting terms of reference for relevant types of contracts;
  • Examining and editing draft intellectual property agreements provided by the client.

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