Legal audit of intellectual property assets

Comprehensive legal due diligence of creation and use of intellectual property (IP) objects, including as the main object of investment

Our lawyers provide legal assistance in the following areas

  • Legal analysis of all the documents supporting the creation, use and transfer of exclusive rights to intellectual property, including licensing agreements, contracts of assignment, franchising, etc;
  • Analysis of trademarks, other means of individualisation, commercial designations, etc. used in business activities;
  • Identification of risks and recommendations regarding the execution of official works (work assignments and reports, job descriptions, employment contracts, etc.);
  • Legal analysis of the execution of commissioned developments, outsourced and third-party contractors, making recommendations to eliminate risks;
  • Advising on issues relating to the use of intellectual property, including the Internet, advertising and compliance with the type of activity declared in the course of registration as a HTP resident.
  • Legal assistance in eliminating the risks identified by drafting necessary documents, performing other actions related to registration of intellectual property rights, etc.

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