Business Reorganisation

We assist in business restructuring and reorganisation of legal entities, taking into account business goals and strategy, peculiarities of operating in different jurisdictions, peculiarities of local and foreign law

Our lawyers provide legal assistance in the following areas

  • Legal analysis of the corporate structure of a legal entity or group of companies, identification of "weaknesses and vulnerabilities" in the corporate structure, advice on its optimisation;
  • Restructuring of business (group of companies) in order to optimise the tax burden;
  • Restru-cturing of a business (group of companies) before the sale of the business as a whole or a part of it;
  • Restructuring of a business (a group of companies) before or for the purpose of raising finance/investments;
  • Reorganisation of legal entities of the Republic of Belarus in the forms of transformation, merger, division, separation, accession;
  • Challenging reorganisation/restructuring.

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