Private assets and investments

SBH Law Offices experts advise successful entrepreneurs, families and other private clients in the Republic of Belarus on the structuring of private capital in various jurisdictions, providing a full range of legal support for credit protection, preservation of investments (assets, real estate, etc.), ensuring tax and financial efficiency, inheritance law and protection in case of divorce

Our experts provide legal assistance in the following areas

  • Providing legal assistance on issues related to credit protection and preservation of investments (assets).
  • Providing legal assistance on credit protection and transactions conducting aimed at assets acquiring and disposing in the Republic of Belarus.
  • Providing legal assistance on transactions support in terms of the alienation and acquisition of assets in other jurisdictions (Russian Federation, Ukraine, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia).
  • Representation of interests in courts of law.
  • Consultations on issues of processing and registration of ownership for securities, shares in statutory funds of business entities.
  • Legal assistance related to the compensation of real damage and moral damage.
  • Client support when interacting with insurance organizations;
  • Representing the interests of persons in civil cases on subsidiary accountability.

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