Bankruptcy and insolvency

Advising and representing any party in bankruptcy proceedings at any stage of a bankruptcy case 

Our experts provide legal assistance in the following areas

  • Advising on any issues related to economic insolvency of debtors, counterparties and other parties.
  • Full legal support of bankruptcy of a company.
  • Representing creditors, debtors, founders and managers of debtors at any stages of bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Advising on initiation of bankruptcy proceedings, drafting required documents.
  • Representing creditors in filing and defending claims, at meetings and creditors' committees, contesting other creditors' claims, advising on the prospects of debt recovery in bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Supervising the manager's activity, appealing against the manager's actions, recovering losses caused by the manager.
  • Representing and advising creditors, debtors, founders and managers in cases involving vicarious liability for debtor's obligations.
  • Analysis of debtor's transactions, advice and representation in cases involving contestation of debtor's transactions resulting in divestiture of assets 
  • Advising and defending in cases involving signs of fraudulent, premeditated and concealed bankruptcy. 
  • Representing and advising the managing directors of the company.

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