Labour disputes

Legal assistance to employers and employees in conflict and individual labour disputes

Our experts provide legal assistance in the following areas

  • Assessment of litigation risks, development of defence strategy and tactics, drafting of claims;
  • Pre-trial settlement of disputes between employer and employee;
  • Defending interests in disputes over recognising dismissal as unlawful and reinstating employees;
  • Disputes over changes in the date, wording and reason for dismissal;
  • Disputes over recognition of unlawful transfer to another job;
  • Disputes over the recognition of an unlawful disciplinary action;
  • Disputes relating to the recovery of arrears of wages and other payments;
  • Disputes relating to the recovery of material damage from an employee;
  • Disputes related to the recovery of average earnings for delayed issuance of a work record book;
  • Disputes about recognition of the fact of the employment relationship;
  • Legal assistance in other labour disputes;
  • Representing and defending the interests of the parties in court in a labour dispute;
  • Legal assistance in appealing decisions at higher instances.

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