Supporting syndicated loans

Including from foreign and international banks from the start of negotiations until the borrower fulfils the conditions to receive the first tranche

Our lawyers provide legal assistance in the following areas

  • Legal assessment of the preliminary transaction documents (Letter of Intent, Term Sheet);
  • Preparation of drafts of the documents submitted by the bank, taking into account the legal position of the Client;
  • Preparation of legal opinions on the Client's legal capacity to enter into the transaction and confirmation of the authority of the person signing the agreement on behalf of the Client; 
  • Legal assessment of the syndicated loan agreement for compliance with the pre-agreed terms of the transaction, as well as with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus. Advising the Client on the terms of the agreement; 
  • Preparation of security agreements (pledge, mortgage, assignment agreements), as well as other agreements stipulated by the terms of the loan agreement (e.g. agreement on extrajudicial foreclosure of pledged property, debt subordination agreement);
  • Representing the Client in registration of the mortgage agreement and encumbrance. 

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