Supporting the issuance of bonded loans and bonds

Legal supporting the issuance of bonded loans and bonds

Our lawyers provide legal assistance in the following areas

  • Legal advice on regulatory issues related to the issuance, placement and circulation of bonds;
  • Preparation of set of documents required for registration of the bond issue and placement, including drafting of the bond prospectus, the decision on the bond issue;
  • Legal analysis of brokerage agreement, custody agreement 
  • Preparation of deeds of pledge, suretyship agreement in case the bonds are secured by a pledge, suretyship
  • Legal analysis of bank guarantee agreement, insurance agreement if bonds are secured by pledge, suretyship;
  • Representation of the issuer in registration of the prospectus, certification of the issue summary, submission of the report on the results of the bond issue to the Securities Department.

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