Legal audit of a borrower

Comprehensive legal audit of the borrower's company in order to identify existing and potential legal risks

Our lawyers provide legal assistance in the following areas

  • Audit of the constituent and corporate documents;
  • Audit of the company's activities in terms of compliance with the requirements of the legislation (check the company has the necessary permits, licenses, certificates and certificates, etc.);
  • Audit of contractual work (analysis of the concluded contracts and standard forms, compliance of the parties to the order of execution of contracts, check the availability of the proper approval of the management bodies of the company, development of recommendations on minimizing the risks at the conclusion of commercial contracts);
  • Audit of fixed assets and tangible assets, real estate;
  • Audit of formalization of labor relations with employees; 
  • Audit of intellectual property;
  • Audit of foreign economic activity; 
  • Audit of litigation and claims from counterparties; etc.

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