Defence of business reputation

We provide advice and represent either party in defence of business reputation

Our experts provide legal assistance in the following areas

I. Initial consultation.

  • Consultation on the protection of business reputation;
  • Legal analysis of the distributed information;
  • Estimation of prospects of lodging of a claim and achieving goals by way of judicial defence.

II. Resolution of disputes in cases of protection of business reputation.

  • Elaboration of defence strategy;
  • Identification of persons who directly disseminated defamatory information, including on the Internet;
  • Assisting with collection of evidence: linguistic expertise; examination and recording of electronic evidence by a notary;
  • Preparation and filing of claim/revocation of claim and other procedural documents;
  • Representing a Client in court in cases concerning the protection of business reputation;
  • Related consultations with parties to a lawsuit for the protection of business reputation;
  • Assistance in executing court decisions: removal from the site, publication of refutations, filing complaints with the administration/support service of a social network, etc.

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