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Senior Associate

Evgeniya is one of the leading specialists of our Law Office. She has extensive experience in conducting due diligence (LDD), developing plan of steps to eliminate and minimize the identified risks, further optimization of the business and supporting of the agreed plan’s implementation. She also has considerable experience in supporting of current activity of the companies, including contract work, consulting on tax issues, in development of integrated legal position and recommendations on strategic business issues in various sectors and areas of companies’ activity, legal support of the implementation of the solutions.

Evgeniya applies the individual approach, comprehensive and complex analysis at resolution of each task, identifies the real needs and goals of the client, and offers the best ways for its achievement.

Practicing since 2011.

Senior Associate
  • Consulting the subsidiary of one of the largest providers of - cloud computing platforms and APIs on the purpose of selling its cloud computing services to the customers in Belarus,
  • Legal assistance in three investment projects realized by EBRD in Belarus during 2019 year.
  • Consulting Belarusian subsidiary of one of the world’s leading manufacturer of heavy commercial vehicles on all commercial and financial issues in Belarus, including issues related to protection of personal data, the possibility of storing personal data outside territory of Belarus, in connection with the equipment of trucks by the information systems "DYNAFLEET" and "OPTIFLEET", which collect and accumulate information about the operational parameters, technical condition and location of trucks and their transmission via radio telephone or satellite channels to an electronic database.
  • Legal assistance in UNDP project concerning support of economic development at the local level in the Republic of Belarus by means of international technical assistance.
  • Consulting the world's largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners, defense, space and security systems, and service provider of aftermarket support on the matters concerning the expansion of the company’s presence at the Belarusian market.
  • Consulting Venture Investment Fund in equity financing deal with the target company. SBH Law Offices has conducted legal due diligence of the group of companies, analyzed the risks of the transaction, and drafted all necessary documents for financing, including convertible loan agreement, SHA, irrevocable powers of attorney, call option agreements.
  • Legal consulting of Belarusian insurance company in M&A transaction issues for the acquisition of a controlling stake in another Belarusian insurance company.
  • Conducting of the due diligence of international group of companies (the manufacturer of building materials and metal structures), development of business restructuring plan.
  • Legal support of the implementation of international government programs.
  • Legal support on issues of national and international protection of exclusive rights for trademarks, trademarks, trade name, copyright protection.
Senior Associate

Participation as a lecturer at legal seminars.

Senior Associate

Law Faculty of the Belarusian State University.

Senior Associate
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